Yes, I have taken it upon myself to try to set about the formidable task of creating a suitable shrine for His Hotness Himself...


Ok, I will pause a moment and give you time to behold the name we all know and love. is my opinion of all the characters in the musical (it'll probably be evident from my fanfiction and stuff anyway :))

*meanie meanie meanie meanie meanie meanie**Ahem.* Excuse me. Christine is, basically, stupid. I can see why she might have been a little trepidative about Erik when he was doing all that large-potentially-fatal-object-dropping to her, but WHY didn't she see the practically BLINDING light when he let her and Raoul GO!!?? I don't know if she's just plain mean (probably it's inevitable) or just REALLY, REALLY dim. At any rate, I don't like her for either.


I would, admittedly, like him for his actions if they hadn't resulted in Erik's unhappiness. He seems like a pretty nice guy, if a little pushy at times (oh well Erik can be too) and arrogant... and... I'd better remember that this was supposed to be the reasons I might have LIKED him now. And it seemed very nice of him not to force Christine to lie to Erik at the expense of his own life. But still, he seems to think it inconcievable that maybe she WOULDN'T be lying if she said she loved Erik. And THAT is another unforgivable crime! Also, he just moves a little too fast for his actions not to be made confident by arrogance about "oh, I'm handsome, so of course she has to love me for it!" In truth, I don't hate him as much as Christine, but still a little.


la la la la la!!!!!!!!!!!!! *drumroll please!* I don't know why I like Erik so much. He just seems really sensitive and compassionate judging by his actions in the musical, and has a great capacity for those types of things. And though this is indeed a shallow reason to like him... damn does he look good in that cape and evening suit! :) That probably was just the epitaph of the most unoriginal reasons to like him, but... there you go! Every time I listen to the musical, I wish the ending could have been different for him. It's so sad :*( but alas... I'll just have to settle for the ending ALW decided on.

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