PhelinePhan's Phanart

Please do not take my art without asking me first.


Christine is about to marry Erik (and she's not too happy about it!)

Michael Crawford as Phantom


Phantom and Christine

Phantom looking threatening in that cute li'l way of his.

Poor Phantom!

PhelinePhan in all her splendor.

uh... hmm. A spoof on the fact that PhelinePhan may look like a normal cat to the outward eye, but has the full weight of a normal human teenager (WITH fur!!)

He heh. Same thing. (disregard the fact that the picture seems to depict the second BEFORE PhelinePhan lands on the Phantom. yeah... use those wonderful imaginations, kiddies... :))

Aww! Drawn in one of my more sappily-inclined moments.

Well, I'm not sure if it was done in the same moment, but same explanation :)

Erik and opium, need I say more?

My cartoon version of Firmin.

Phantom, Christine and Raoul

Ring scene

Mask scene

Making fun of the whole 'Phantom comes to gaze ardently on innocently slumbering Christine' phanphiction scenario.

Erik looking... dare I say it?... happy! with somebody. Originally I drew it with Christine, but somehow I just can't envision that -*goes off to mutter a slew of cuss words*- being able to look that way with him, so I just changed it to another random lovely lady. I really like Erik in this one.

Raoul shows his true intent for being in Phantom!!

This is what led to my equally Raoul-bashing (*cackles*) fanfiction.

Phantom Logo

Meg and Christine

Claude Rains as Erik

Christine (ok, ok, so the disembodied hand is awkward... but it's a horror novel in some ways... and you know those disembodied hands are always showing up in those horror novels... uh.. in other words, I didn't feel like drawing Erik.)


Christine 2

Erik 2

Two-faced Erik

My CATS art